S19-30B Accucraft Talgarth 0-4-0T Live Steam Black – Manual


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The locomotive is internally gas fired with a centre flue boiler. The model is gauge adjustable from 32mm (‘O’ gauge) to 45mm (‘1′ gauge) and has insulated wheels as standard. The axles run in bronze bearings and all the rods and valve gear are manufactured from stainless steel. The cab roof flips up and over sideways to give access to the gas, water and lubricator fillers. The boiler is fitted with a water gauge and the boiler can be topped up through a Goodall valve hidden under ‘Sabrina’s’ tank filler and inside ‘Talgarth’s’ dummy sand dome. The model is built from stainless steel and brass.


Scale: 1:19 (16mm : 1ft)
Gauge: 45 or 32mm – gauge adjustable
Construction: Brass & stainless steel, copper boiler
Mini. Radius: 30 in. (0.75 M)
Length: 13 inches (320mm) over couplings
Width: 4.5 inches (118mm)
Height: 6.5 inches (160mm)


Butane fired
Two slide valve cylinders
Single flue, gas-fired boiler
60 psi working pressure
3/4” Pressure Gauge
Water gauge
Simplified Walschaerts valve gear
Insulated driving wheels

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