921013 Rapido N gauge BR Conflat P No.B9333648 (with Bauxite Containers)


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BR created 60 Diagram 1/60 ‘Conflat Ps’ for the introduction of the Anglo-Scottish ‘Condor’ service in 1959. They were rebuilt from Dia. 1/431 and 1/432 ‘Plate’ wagons. The sides and floors were removed, they were fitted with roller bearings and new suspension and a new central girder allowed them to carry one Type BD container as well as a Type A.

The ‘Conflat Ps’ served ‘Condor’ until 1964 when they were replaced with a batch of Ashford-built bogie wagons. ‘Condor’ was withdrawn in 1965, superseded by the new nationwide Freightliner container service. All the redundant ‘Conflat Ps’ were rebuilt as timber carriers – dubbed ‘Timber Ps’ – and were a common in Scotland until they were withdrawn in 1981.

These new wagons are the perfect accompaniment to Rapido’s ‘N’ gauge Metro-Vick Type 2. Six Co-Bos were allocated to Cricklewood to work the overnight London-Glasgow container service. Together with the ‘Conflat Ps’, the Class 28s were immortalised in Terence Cuneo’s 1959 painting ‘Night Freight’.

To complement the new ‘Conflat Ps’, Rapido has also developed all-new 1:148 scale Dia. 3/050 Type BD and Dia. 3/001 Type A containers.

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