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The available space for the installation of previous voltage buffers is often too small. Especially small, two-axle locomotive models (light rail locomotives) often show weaknesses in power consumption.
Running over a switch with a plastic heart when driving slowly quickly leads to a standstill. This can be intercepted by means of a voltage buffer.

Reserve for up to 30 seconds!
The eMOTION Powercap micro is used to bridge short interruptions in the track voltage of small 1-motor locomotives. The motor and the special functions are supplied from the memory during this interruption. This means that locomotives can easily run over points or insulation points without stopping. Due to its small dimensions, the Powercap micro can also be easily installed in small locomotives. The duration of the buffering is up to 30 seconds, depending on the connected load, current speed and state of charge of the memory.

Universal digital use & intelligent technology
With its sophisticated design and the use of special powercap capacitors, the voltage buffer with integrated charging circuit and charging function deactivation for decoder programming is suitable for use with almost all digital decoders that provide the + and decoder contact directly. (tested on: Massoth, LGB®, Lenz©, Zimo©)

Direct connection of the Powercap micro to the eMOTION L/XL(S) locomotive decoder
The Powercap micro is particularly suitable for connection to the eMOTION L/XL(S) locomotive decoder. As usual, the contacts decoder + (red) and decoder – (black) are used. The third cable (white) is used to switch off the charging function when the contact is open. This function is performed by a function output of the eMOTION L/XL(S) locomotive decoder. The charging function is automatically switched off when the decoder is being programmed or read out. The programming process can therefore be carried out correctly. For external decoders, the additional switch included in the scope of delivery is used.

  • Buffer time up to 30 seconds (load-dependent)
  • maximum buffer current 1000mA
  • maximum charging current 400mA
  • Power supply 6-24V= (DC)

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