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The SOEG (Saxon-Oberlausitz Railroad Company) – better known as the “Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad” uses four-axle passenger cars in many trains. These emerged due to modernization of the DR “Reko” cars (redesigned cars), which were built in the Seventies based on old Saxon passenger cars. Typical for these cars are the sliding windows divided in the middle compared to the top hung windows of the older version of the cars. There is also a buffet car in a red paint scheme to go with these cars.

This is a model of a Zittau Narrow Gauge Railroad “Reko” passenger car, as it currently looks in operation. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. The doors to the platforms can be opened and there are complete interior details. The car has metal wheelsets. Length over the buffers 58 cm / 22-13/16″.

Another car of this type with a different car number is available under item number 36357.

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