10-1731 Kato RhB Wagon Set (8)


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Kato RhB is produced to 1:150 scale for use on N gauge track

Rail freight transport on each Rhaetian Railway line is an integral part of the lives of citizens who transport food, beverages and mail in the rugged mountainous regions of the Swiss Alps. Among them, the COOP refrigerated container, which is popular for its various design variations, and the container of Swiss Post, a state-owned company responsible for the Swiss postal business, are items that symbolize the lives of citizens found throughout Switzerland. You can see it being transported on a daily basis. Both Lb-v and Sb-t containers can be loaded.

The prototype reproduces the appearance of recent years seen in both freight cars and containers after 2012.


These COOP refrigerated containers reproduce the characteristic design with vegetables and fruits. This set of 8 wagons features differing artwork than the individual wagons

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